Saturday, June 12, 2010

Farmer's markets

Part of the fun of visiting local farmer's markets is the sense of community.

Buying a bunch of turnips or a loaf of bread from a wood-fired oven or home-grown native plants means a direct connection from producer to consumer.

It's a pleasant feeling.

I grow quite a few of our own vegetables, to be sure, but to buy eggs from the farmer who talks about her hens that have been foraging on clover is a lovely thing.

Some folks think it's a bit rarified (even elitist) to buy relatively well-priced veggies and other products, when many people don't have access to fresh vegetables of any sort in 'urban deserts.'

Well, that's true. But, given the opportunity, isn't it a good thing to support local small farmers and producers of bread, cheese, and other goods?

It's an exceptional experience to be able to buy farm-raised trout from the local producer or SC scallops directly from someone who has connections from the coast near Georgetown, SC or black drum from the NC coast.


  1. Lisa,

    We just like our produce to be fresh! If possible we visit the local farmers market or get fresh produce from the farm just down the street before they take it to the farmers market!

  2. Randy, isn't fresh of any sort the best? It's such a contrast to supermarket vegetables, even though it's worthwhile to be grateful for their abundance, too.



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