Goldfinches and feeders

An enjoyable part of feeding birds is watching them, of course. And we've been having a lot of fun watching the American goldfinches visiting the thistle feeder here in the mountains.

The activity is huge on the covered platform feeder; not only do we see the usual cardinals, tufted titmice, Carolina chickadees, and nuthatches, but also the Eastern towhees, who apparently think the platform isn't that different than the ground.

But the goldfinches are striking and always nice to see.

This evening there were 3 of them visiting the feeder shortly before dusk.


  1. The finches are welcome here, too. They enjoy the coneflower seeds once they are finished blooming later this season. But, many can't wait - they like to sit atop the plants now that they are blooming, and pick the petals off. I guess they think the petals will be as tasty as the seeds.

  2. Since I put thistle in the feeder, I've had a pair of goldfinches visit regularly.
    The nuthatches are not as common now that our half-dead apple tree is gone, but I occasionally see them at my other feeder. I miss the woodpeckers terribly though!


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