Observing gardens

When I'm away (from our garden), I always enjoy looking at other people's gardens (front yard, back yard, vegetable gardens, raised beds, fruit trees, etc.) Fortunately, where we stay in the mountains, there are lots of observations to be had. This house is nearby, one of the lovely historic homes in the Montford Historic District of Asheville.

Some of the large historic houses have lovely gardens. This rose arbor caught my attention. The roses were small, but very striking on the arbor!

In a growing time of the year, I'm (VERY) easily encouraged into thinking and musing about plants and growing things, if something catches my attention.

I admired plants in a local community garden (Pearson Community Garden), said hello to the first person that I've seen tending things so far, but we didn't strike up a conversation, as that didn't seem like what he was interested in.

But I hope to find out what the scheme is there, eventually!


  1. I garden vicariously through other peoples' gardens - I always find both beauty and inspiration in the gardens of other people, including the neighbours. :)

  2. Doesn't it make all the difference to live in or have a beautiful gardening neighborhood to observe? I know it's helped get us through grad school and times when we've been in temporary housing-- just to be able to observe, learn, dream. But being able to live in and contribute is the best. At least, that's what I'm hoping with my next move.

    Looks like there's some garlic in that garden. Mine is ready-- at least two weeks earlier than usual.
    Guess it liked our pleasant spring weather too.

  3. I think it's wonderful to be inspired by neighborhood gardens, and it DOES make all the difference to have a lovely gardening neighborhood to observe.

    But it is a blessing to have your own garden or balcony or sunny window to tend plants in. I hadn't fully realized how MUCH that I loved the actual process of gardening.



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