A late May evening

It's Memorial Day in the US, a time for remembrance, thankfulness, and gratitude. I always wish for peace in the world, but that's not the reality, unfortunately.

But I am grateful, always, for what we have, and part of that is certainly being able to live in a place that's been a good place for us to contribute and be compensated for those efforts. We've also been fortunate to be able to create a natural garden that we love, and explore the mountains nearby, and eat vegetables from the kitchen garden, too.

Tidying up this evening (we have an upcoming 'garden' gathering -- most unusual since we're not really inclined to it), I was struck again at how nice our garden feels to me. It's not for everyone -- there's not a lot of 'color', or gobs of flowers, but rather a lot of native plants looking natural (we love that), with my vegetable garden serving as an ornamental border, too.

The sunset was lovely.

And a recently refurbished garden shed window box looks nice. I had to add lots of well-soaked sphagnum moss to a bolstered frame.

And I always love the view of the Adirondack chairs, especially with a freshly-mown lawn.


  1. I love the photos of your garden. We spent the weekend turning over a new area in our yard. I hope it takes off like I want it to.

  2. Looks like the perfect place after a long day.


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