It's been a lovely weekend spent in the garden. There's something spiritual about digging, planting and sowing seeds. It connects us (gardeners) to the earth and certainly reminds me to be grateful for farmers. The idea that I could grow all my own vegetables (much less our sustenance) is daunting. I'm keen on our three-to-four seasons in our benign climate, but the effort it would take to can, freeze, and store our growing season bounty sounds like hard work, and it is.

I love to garden. The physical effort, checking the plants, enjoying fruit production, watching the pollinators -- all of these things I love. I do enjoy my vegetable garden the most (I think because I love to cook directly from the garden), but our restored landscape provides peace.

Our front yard didn't always look like this -- it was a vast lawn desert when we moved in.

The backyard, ditto. And we're still working on both.

The view from the porch keeps improving -- I've got to add more bird feeders, to be sure. But here's another view from the front steps.


  1. It is lovely, peaceful and perfect! Gail

  2. Glad to see another lawn based landscape forced to submit to diversity!
    Your viewpoints, framed by the arches, are lovely.

    We removed most of our own lawns, front and back, many years ago. I blog at
    if you would like to drop by for a visit.

  3. I agree gardening feels so good and refreshes us. I love to sneak over to the garden throughout the day and just 'do one more thing'. It's great.

  4. I'm always so appreciative of our urge to plant and transform (in this case) restore some semblance of forest and understory that reflects our native forests and woodlands.

    And the sense of having created a landscape that suits our old house, with its lovely stone construction and arches, created by immigrant stone masons here years ago, gives us a feeling of proper stewardship, as well.

  5. Gardening and its unique power to heal.
    You express it brilliantly!
    And the garden looks gorgeous.


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