Sunday, March 23, 2008

Container sprucing

I DO enjoy my containers and hanging baskets; they provide green cheer throughout the year, add spots of color in the warm season, and give me a chance to experiment with plants. I'm not one to be out there watering twice a day (I definitely don't enjoy the water running down my arm as I lift the watering can up to water the garage baskets and I'm much too occupied with other things to be watering that much) , but I don't mind hauling the can around -- it's good for me (weight-bearing exercise, you know).

So having the first days of spring find me changing out some of the tired ornamental kales which I never much liked (the purple and white variegated ones that were about all that I could find late last fall) and replanting other plants to a 'nursery' area. In their place, until it's really warm enough to add some of the more tender things, I put in lemon and silver thymes, some wooly thyme, and a couple of Veronica 'Georgia Blue' whose flowers are so spectacular right now.

My goal is drought-tolerant baskets, using heat-tolerant and water-sparing herbs, succulents, perennials, and tough annuals. A secondary screen is ability to bounce back after wilting. It's much too discouraging to have plants wilt slightly, and not pop back after a quick drink of water.

Later in the spring, I'll add some Callibrochoa (definitely a tough plant). This was a basket from last year which I especially liked.

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  1. What a great container. I look forward to seeing what you plant in your containers. I know I need those drought tolerant baskets using heat tolerant and water sparing plants.


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