Friday, March 21, 2008

Appreciating nature

I was 'tagged' a couple of days ago by a fellow blogger who lives in rural Colorado, and appreciates nature in the same way that I do.

The tagging involves writing a six word haiku or memoir, and posting it, and sending it to five others. Strange for most of us, since we generally aren't that type. But this is an interesting way to connect across the 'blogosphere' to others that are interested in the natural world, and gardening for nature.

Here's mine: Live, learn, and enjoy nature. Ok, it's only five words, but it about sums it up for me. Emerson wrote something much more profound: 'Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them.'

This is one of my favorite images from an extraordinary morning where the spider webs were everywhere.

If I hadn't been out, I wouldn't have seen them.


  1. OMG, and such a beautiful web it was! Lucky you... and thanks for sharing; its lovely!

  2. Spiderwebs always have fascinated me (even as a child when I've been afraid of spiders)


Please share your thoughts. I enjoy hearing from fellow nature observers, as well as whomever else drops by.

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