Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bluebird nestboxes

I had a lot of fun monitoring our bluebird boxes at the Garden last season, something I hadn't done before. A series of replacement boxes and several new ones gave us about 12 total boxes. Most of them are in the meadow area, but others are in other open and edge areas. I snagged a mechanic's mirror at a local autoparts store to help me see into the top of the nests, and started my weekly rounds, checking on the sequence of bluebird broods, and the nests of other birds such as chickadees and tufted titmice.

I checked all of the boxes last month to make sure they were empty and clean, and ready for this year's season. We always see lots of bluebirds in the meadows, so we know we have a flourishing population. And, I'm always glad to see the male or female perched on top of the box, checking out the scene, perhaps.

Coming back from lunch today, I was delighted to see a pair of bluebirds investigating a box that hadn't been used last year, except for a paper wasp building her nest. It would be an excellent box to keep a close eye on, since I walk by it frequently!

The photo is one of a bluebird parent and fledgling that I took in the Garden a couple of seasons ago.


  1. I forgot to clean our bluebird boxes but they are already in them so I guess it is ok. We also have Carolina Wrens building nests and some mocking birds starting to build.

    One year, I built lots of boxes and put them by all the fields on our road. In one particular field there was a bluebird just above me on an electric wire. He watched me hang the box and as soon as I got about 50 feet away, he went in it and checked it out. I have materials ready to build more this year. Great pictures.

  2. Love the blog.

    Although we're separated by a large pond, we are united by the same philosophy.
    Best wishes

  3. What a gorgeous photograph! I hope your bluebird pair takes up residence and brings you hours of bird watching enjoyment :)

  4. Thanks for the nice comments and the report from the Low Country. Supposedly, it's not necessary to clean the boxes, so I'm not surprised that Greg's boxes are being well used!

    I'm delighted to report that the male and female bluebirds have continued to visit this box for the last couple of days, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    I think the Mountain Bluebird is up in the BC area during the summer breeding season, and uses nest boxes like our Eastern Bluebirds.

    I don't think there are bluebirds in Europe, but I'm sure there are other interesting cavity nesters - lovely to hear from someone 'across the big pond.'


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