Tomatoes are ripening

I planted a cherry tomato, a jumbo cherry/saladette tomato and a couple of San Marzano tomatoes this year.  So far, not surprisingly the cherries are the best.  The San Marzanos aren't even close to the real genetic line, which I've grown before (from seed from Italy), but they're decent paste tomatoes. The saladettes, well, they're OK cooked for sauce, too.

With family staying here while we're back in Quebec (hooray!), my
only instructions will be to be put any extras in freezer bags and stick them in the chest freezer on the ground floor.  I'll deal with them when I return.  I wish they were tastier, but that's what was available at the time I selected transplants.

Needless to say, the red bor and Tuscan kale are looking more robust than ever.  Strange!

The raised beds a few weeks back