First hummingbirds passing through

Last Saturday, April 10, we saw our first hummingbird of the season, a male that hung around most of the day, before moving on. We saw another, briefly on Monday.  We knew we'd had hummingbirds earlier, as the levels of sugar water in the feeder kept going down.

Lovely to have them return and fly through to more northerly places.  In Le Bic, Quebec, where we'd like to be again this summer, it's about the most northerly area that ruby-throated hummingbirds migrate to.

Fun to see this map from Journey North today.  Our cottage in Quebec is at the beginning of the Gaspé Peninsula, which curves above Maine.  I tried to  mark our location without success on this screen shot.  

We had lots of hummingbirds at our feeders in the two summers that we've been there, but they didn't arrive until June!