The National Trust

Reposted from Places of the Spirit:

Inspired by a daily writing program's prompts, I was reminded of the National Trust's excellent work.  In one of the prompts, we were asked to: Do one undone thing today.  (Then we're supposed to write about what we felt about it.)  The second prompt involved doing a "colorscape" of the day, whatever that meant to us.  Hmm.

I chose to spend time reading the fall issue of the National Trust members magazine, which is one of my favorites. It's been languishing in my magazine basket along with other favored magazines, waiting to be enjoyed at leisure. I thought it would be a welcome alternative to the lure of the NYT online, which has won in recent months.

And, indeed it was, prompting wonderful memories of garden and natural area visiting in 2008 and 2009.  I did just a quick search with "National Trust" and brought up several nice posts -- I'd like to revisit posts about both of those trips, which were wonderful.

So the second prompt found me doing a watercolor pencil and ink drawing of a cookie tin that I'd brought back on one of those trips.  I love the unexpected shape of the tin and the image;  it made the cut when we consolidated to the mountains of North Carolina.

I have two other favorite tins from National Trust gift shops, both gardening-themed.  Or perhaps I bought them at Kew Gardens?  No matter.  I love them both and they're both on the old wooden table in my studio.

 Here's the drawing and the tin.  A welcome diversion on a Sunday afternoon.