An unexpected acrylic painting

(A duplicate post from Places of the Spirit)

I had a lot of fun in a Zoom acrylic class this afternoon where my painting was nothing like the instructor envisioned, I imagine, but it made me happy to do.  And that's been a commodity that hasn't been too frequent over the last year...

I initially had been disappointed that we all were going to use the same subject, as I had a subject in mind, but no matter.  

Because I had my own acrylics and brushes and my canvas size wasn't the same as was sent out to the Quebec English-language folks, I just started playing with my paint, water, fluid retardant on heavy-duty watercolor paper (I thought I'd "save" the stretched canvas board for the painting I want to do of one of our sheds in Quebec.)

Our teacher was demonstrating how she was using the colors, encouraging to see and create what we wanted to do, too, but still worrying about the unfamiliar Zoom venue.

As a lifelong teacher, I'm all about encouraging folks to connect, discover, engage, etc. - so I appreciate that approach.

I was happy with my painting, done in about an hour.  It was an encouragement to keep on doing this.

This was the subject painting. Quite nice, but I'm glad my version turned into a more colorful abstract one, as that's a less familiar format!