Thankful for my vegetable garden

Even as I try to keep present in the natural world, my access isn't as expansive as it is, as it was in different times.

There are neighborhood walks, thankfully, both in our own and nearby neighborhoods.

But what really has made me happy is how well my vegetables are doing.

I harvested another salad-spinner worth of spinach this evening -- delicious (they're in the far lowest bed, not that visible in this photo).

But I also have a lower bed sown with spinach and beet seedlings that are doing well.  And the other greens (from transplants) are coming along nicely: kale, collards, lettuce, etc.  Maybe if it's a cooler spring, I'll be able to harvest greens from that bed, too (if the local woodchuck doesn't beat me to them).

Where I'm going to get warm-season starts, well,  I'm not sure. Our summer renter (June-September) wants to have a salsa garden: tomatoes and peppers, I suppose.   But our rental agreement was flexible, and maybe we'll be here longer than we think, before we can head north to Quebec (to our cottage there).

I'm grateful for spinach, collards, kale, chard and herbs.