Flame azalea in flower

My past dates for posting about flame azalea in flower were May 22 and May 24.  Hmm. Certainly a testament to the early and warm spring.  Perhaps there was a second one nearby that I posted about.  I don't think so, but...

It's been spectacular for a number of years, seemingly happy in this spot.  The flowers have just expanded.  What's also interesting is that the flowers, at least at this stage in their development, are a much deeper color than my previous posts reflect.  Maybe it's the camera/phone, or the light, but the flowers are a darker orange than I'd remembered.

Flame azalea

My gardening companion is happy moving around divisions of native plants in our garden.

Mt. Pisgah view, with cordoned off playground)
Near our house is a community center with a recently renovated playground (the entire facility and landscape was updated quite nicely, thanks to a bond initiative).  We enjoyed this wonderful view taking Woody out after dinner this evening.