Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Arriving in Denver

Arriving in Denver, I’m feeling guilty that I’m not staying at the Fling hotel — the Hyatt Regency downtown.  

When I looked at the website, and what the hotel looked like,  I thought, I just can’t stay in another downtown high rise hotel again. It’s not the expense — I’m fine with that, but  I really don’t like the experience of being on the 15th floor, taking elevators, etc. so I opted for an Airbnb a 25 minute walk away.  I’m sorry for not being compliant — I know that group bookings are an important part of managing the costs of groups and meetings, and I have stayed in the Fling hotels for most of the time I’ve attended.

My Airbnb is lovely, though in a gentrifying neighborhood, which is interesting, of course.  Apparently this neighborhood was historically an African-American one, reflecting part of that heritage in a nearby cultural center.  Some restaurants nearby, with more opening daily (I walked by one this evening). 

The Safeway that I walked to (for breakfast provisions) was a 15 minute walk through an interesting neighborhood that became more diverse there, too, with a thought-provoking mix of young people and public housing (?) or rehabilitation hospital residents, near the store.

On the way, I passed by a small housing block that had a playground and a small garden.  I loved the large bed devoted to strawberries.

And this nice median strip pays tribute to the gentrification that’s going on in this neighborhood.  I’m not sure if she’s the gardener, or not, but someone is working this space.

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