A cold-climate vegetable garden

It is so interesting to see what people are planting (and not).

I made a visit to a local Le Bic community garden (with about 12 plots) that's part of a local park - Parc du Mont Saint-Louis. 

It includes lots of additional "ornamental" plantings (thanks to volunteers) in a remarkably lovely natural park that really doesn't need it, in my opinion, but the Parc does do a nice job of interpreting the two natural forest communities there.

Remarkably, although all of the plots were tilled and marked with the names of the gardeners, nothing yet had been planted.

Curious, I thought, as a gardener used to swapping out cool season and warm season vegetables, practically year-round.

I think they must be focused on tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and beans (warm-season vegetables, for sure), as the gardener near our mailbox hasn't put in anything yet either.  Perhaps they've sowed a few seeds.

I've fully planted my available beds now (thanks to my gardening companion having prepared them).  I'm growing all sorts of things that I can't normally grow-- what I've planted and sown so far is a delightful mix of Asian greens, broccoli and lettuce, bush sugar snap peas, broccoli raab, bulbing fennel, etc. 

What fun to have this summer to experiment!  And fruits -- well, the gooseberries look like they'll be flowering heavily, Tim's renovating the raspberry bed, and already planted more low-bush blueberries, and there are cherries to look forward to, as well.  We probably have Montmorency cherry trees, based on this sign in the Le Bic garden, where they have some heirloom fruit trees planted, too.

Heritage fruit trees planted in Le Bic


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