Thursday, March 14, 2019

Using native plants in containers

An upcoming program on using native plants in small gardens and containers reminded me of some remarkable planters in Stockholm.

I need to add a photo of one to my presentation, I thought.  I'd posted about it before.

We were in Stockholm for three weeks in July 2017, staying in a HomeExhange flat with a wonderful view of downtown Stockholm.  It was a great walk to the historic center (about an hour) along wonderful greenways, or just a 10  minute metro ride.

This planter was in front of a historic government building of some sort  -- I don't remember which one it was.

Serviceberry in fruit, in Stockholm
But what I noticed was that there were multiple Amelanchiers in fruit in very large shallow pots on the plaza in front.  As I was taking photos with my phone, I startled a couple of passerbys by waxing enthusiastically about how delicious Amelanchier berries are, and how I urban foraged our street trees in Asheville.

We have a nice serviceberry up in Quebec, but it's too shaded now to fruit very well.

Perhaps I'll get a small urban harvest here in Asheville, if it's an early spring.

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