I've really enjoyed foraging serviceberries (Amelanchier spp.) that have been planted as ornamentals around our mountain town.  They hadn't been on our radar before, but the nearby visitor center has lots of trees (planted for their spring flowering interest), but often loaded with berries in June.

I managed to harvest berries from two sites, before leaving town.

Interesting to note the difference in cultivar color in ripe berries!

These collections were both converted to low-sugar jam....


  1. Hi - glad to have found your blog - I moved to Anderson SC a year ago, and there just aren't many people in this state (at least that I have found) that are bloggers, or even online.

    Can't wait to read more about the plants you have had success with here - I moved a year ago from Houston (zone 9) and there are more differences in plant life than there are similarities. still getting to know what is on my property here.

  2. Hi, Janet-
    Welcome to the Carolinas! I think you'll enjoy gardening in Anderson. We have great gardening conditions both in the Piedmont (where I lived until recently) and in the mountains. Let me know if you have questions -- glad to help.

  3. Hi Lisa, thank you for replying! I am having fun with it, just starting to pick blueberries, it's a little early, but by next week they should be really getting ripe. If you are agreeable, from time to time I might ask if you know what a plant might be - haha, I do have my own blog, but it mostly has stuff from Houston, and some of the stuff from here, and should be doing more of that in the future. we have had to do so much stuff to the house and yard here, the house was literally like an abandoned house, even though people lived here. the yard was almost wild like the woods here by the lake, which is a shame, because so many plants were lost when we cleaned things up.


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