The power of water: Niagara Falls

We'd never visited Niagara Falls before.

It always sounded touristy; years ago, driving from Maryland to Toronto, I skirted the falls, avoiding what I thought would be tacky tourist stuff (the edges of town at that time were downtrodden, to be sure).

But traveling this time, from Western North Carolina to Toronto and back, visits on both sides of the falls were powerful experiences.  The falls are massive, of course, but standing next to some of the major "drops" (on the American side) are remarkable, both for power and sound.

I took a couple of videos (on my new iPhone), which recorded the sounds of the water, too.


  1. Glad you stopped when the sun was shining!

  2. We were lucky on both stops, as it turned out. There sure was a lot of rain on Monday....

  3. The sheer volume of water is astounding! And to think the locals were telling me that the amount of water flowing is a fraction of what it once was because it is diverted for power plants. Wow!


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