Spring in Asheville

It's definitely an early spring here in Asheville. There are benefits to having written so many blog posts over the years in terms of weather and spring.

It seems early to me to have daffodils, thrift, and cherries in flower now — with Bradford pears about ready to pop.  Here was a post from mid-March, 2016 about flowering cherries and Bradford pears.

Last year, we had bloodroot in flower as of March 4, here in Asheville, as this post attests

And there was travel musing around that post, too.

And in 2016, the sassafras next to the blue house next door that we planted, well, they were in full flower in mid-March

They seem right on schedule, although, sadly, as I suspected in fall, the one on the right has succumbed to some sort of root rot, probably, given all the rain last year.

I cleaned up the raised beds in front this afternoon on a lovely warm day.  Nice to have the perennial herbs cut back (lots of die-back over the winter),  a few stray winter annuals removed, and a few of the leaves removed, too.

There's gardening to do  -- I'm doing a program in the middle of March about "Spring Gardening Tasks"  --  a title I hate, but that's what it's called for the Blue Ridge Eco-Gardening certificate program at the NC Arboretum. 

My message is more about what not to do, in terms of protecting pollinators and insects and other critters still overwintering....

But taking out winter annuals is always a good thing, no matter how pretty.

A Lamium in flower.  I don't want it to go to seed!