Heading back to the US

Gardening has been on my mind, as I assessed what quick-growing veggie seeds that I have in Canada currently.  I've been working on my programs for spring, too, so that's reminded me of timing, "tasks," etc.

I'm in good shape with my supply of seeds here.  I'm hopeful for excellent transplants from the local nurseries, too.

from the trail to the Pointe des Epinettes

We'll be back in late May, so timing will be important.

This summer, unlike last, we'll be able to stay through September, so there's a lot more possibility for decent-sized greens. And harvest beyond just the cherries I managed to harvest before we left in early August last year -- we have apple and pear trees, too, as well as gooseberries.

As a regular writer, posting now every day, I appreciated this sentiment, seen a year and a half ago in Vancouver, in one of Emily Carr University's building.



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