Looking towards spring

My raised beds in front don't look so good. Nor does the sedum bed.

The evergreen vignette to the left of the front door is delightful, as my gardening companion pointed out this afternoon  -- he's added more rhododendrons, dwarf conifers, etc. and it's quite nice.

The polar vortex temperatures last week took their toll (yet again, Facebook reminded me, as my blog feeds are my main FB presence).  I was whining a year ago about snow, losing herbs and overwintering greens, and linking to previous winters, while at the same time, delighting in my covered spinach beds.

I had an unbelievable crop of spinach last winter.

Colder weather is on the way again, after a lovely respite of balmy high temperatures (in the 50°s F) - amazing how nice that is compared to temperatures less than 10° F.

It's all pretty strange, actually.

We're off to Southern Hemisphere summer in less than 2 weeks.  The house will be lived in, so no worries there, but the garden.  Hopefully,  I'll be able to clean up the frozen bits before leaving....

This was my hopeful mix in the front bed last fall.  I think the thyme has survived, maybe not the rosemary. Nor does the Spanish lavender in the front porch box look promising.

We're still eating a bit of the collards and broccoli greens (or at least, their post-frozen remnants).


  1. This weather is just crazy, isn't it? Around here we usually hope for consistent cold as bouts of warm weather such as we've had in the past couple of days (in the 50'sF) wreak havoc with fast melts and plants wondering if it's spring yet.

    1. That's for sure -- even our native plants will be "confused" by these oddities. But I think the warmth was short enough not to be a problem.


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