Cold weather

Brr, I thought it was cold this week (unusually so for the coast) as we’ve spent time in Charleston, SC from Christmas to this Saturday. It’s been even colder in Asheville — our HomeExchange folks have hopefully enjoyed their family time indoors!

But looking at the weather for next week. Ick. A low of 10°F will almost certainly take out my perennial herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, etc.). — a few years back, 15°F took care of them, not to mention the overwintering kale, collards, and chard that weren’t protected by frost blankets in those two years.

As I reflected at the time, it definitely gave me a clean slate for spring.

Hhrmph, I was hoping that my herb beds would be fine. I’ll toss my frost blankets over them Saturday night when we return, but I’m not hopeful.

Here’s a link to a hopeful post after those previous low temperature winters:

I had wonderful spinach and other greens last year!


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