Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Proactive big city initiatives

Those of us who live in small cities, suburbs, or elsewhere, are fortunate, I suppose, not to be worrying about what happens to food waste, etc. I already compost everything that we produce from our garden and kitchen as far as "food scraps" go, and we recycle (through curbside) mixed paper, plastic, and glass, so it's been easy for us.

In Vancouver, where we're currently staying in a lovely town home (thanks to Home Exchange), they have yard waste/food waste bins, recycling bins, and garbage pickup. All good, although I think folks are paying quite a bit for their pickup, just like we do at home.

But I was so glad to see at Granville Island (the location of a lovely and historic public market), the goal of a zero waste island. So instead of tipping our lunch boxes into the trash, they went in the compost.

How lovely is that?

I love the message, even if it's not entirely successful!

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