Monday, May 1, 2017

A Fraser magnolia

We have a challenging spot in our mountain garden.  My gardening companion has tried a sassafras (twice) and now a sapling Fraser magnolia. It's his favorite tree in our home landscape (and we have lots of wonderful plants).

He keeps moving things around in that spot.  The kalmias and rhododendron are currently doing fine, and the woodland garden below is flourishing, BUT, it's a tough spot:  when it pours, the gutter in the next door apartment overflows, spreading all the rooftop water (concentrated) down our side garden landscape, whooshing through great quantities of water in a short time.

And, it was shallow gravely soil, now amended with compost and mulch, but...

So we were happy to finally see this sapling, now in its second year, re-emerge with leaves, even though it seemed late, and the leaves were slow to expand.

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