Another harvest (leeks and chard)

Chard and leeks
A small vegetable garden is capable of producing a lot of veggies (what else is new?)

I've really enjoyed the spring leeks and chard and am closing in on the last of the kale (red Russian kale salad with a citrus dressing was part of dinner tonight, as were roasted leeks.). Have I mentioned that I'm a bit tired of greens?

Recent rains have pumped up leaf growth in the spring-planted chard, collards, lettuce, and broccoli, and cool weather is keeping them in good condition.  Hmm.  I've picked off some cabbage white caterpillars from the collards unprotected by the wire cloches, and slugs have made inroads, too, but...I guess I'm still wanting to have more greens?

I'll be planting pole beans, tomatoes, and squash soon, juggling plantings for harvests when we're here this summer, even though we'll have home exchange folks here for the times we're gone and the neighbors were glad to harvest last summer, too.

The sugar snap peas are only about 4 inches high, so they don't look promising this year.


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