Thursday, April 20, 2017

An updated vegetable garden

I was a bit bemused this afternoon to be "editing" my veggie beds. 

garden in front of house (late April 2017)
They're in front of the house, so we look at them every day.  Today, I was thinking it was a bit out of balance, even as I harvest Red Russian kale, perennial leeks, assorted lettuces, etc.  And the rosemaries in the corner of the front bed were looking downright scruffy.

 So they've been uprooted and replaced with new, smaller versions (with the uprooted ones to give away this weekend (or sell for $1) at my garden club's plant sale on Sunday.

And it was remarkable to see how simply editing some of the leeks and kale (for dinner tonight) shaped the look of the beds.  I was pleased.

late April raised beds

Toward our "blue house" neighbors
And the front & side garden is looking good, too, towards our neighbors.  In an urban landscape, it's all about creating shared view scapes!


  1. I noticed this blog post was back in April. Any updates on the garden now that it is July?

    1. Mike, thanks for the prompt! I looked back at my posts and realized that I'd only written a couple about my vegetables since. Lots of other things to observe. Here was my change-out post:

      But the garden is doing well; I'm harvesting beans, cherry tomatoes, and baby butternut squash, along with herbs. There's a lot of what I've grown in these raised beds in previous posts -- searching "raised beds" will probably bring up a LOT of posts.

      Best, Lisa


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