Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tatume and baby butternut squash

Baby butternut squash and tatume squash (both vining)
I've tried to avoid the dreaded squash vine borers for years, planting Cucurbita moschata varieties instead of C. pepo.

Tromboncino squash was my first venture into this:  this link brings up all sorts of posts around growing squash from past posts.

But I think what I'm currently growing are my favorites:  a baby butternut squash (from Renee's Garden Seeds) --a C. moschata selection and Tatume squash (from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or Botanical Interests).

Tatume is a C. pepo selection traditionally grown in Mexico, as I remember. It's a vining type that's very resistant to squash vine borers.

Both are delicious.

The baby butternuts (harvested at two-three inches long) taste like a mild version of their mature version, with a lovely soft texture.  I may let some mature this year, thanks to a August gardening break, and see how they do.

Tatume squash are much more summer squash-like in taste and texture, but to be squash vine borer resistant.  Magic.  It's hard not to like that, here in the Southern U.S.!


  1. My squash and pumpkin are suffering from vine borers this year. I will have to try these varieties. Thanks for posting!


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