Vegetable gardening musings

I'm all about growing what I can in my small vegetable garden beds. Frankly, we can barely keep up eating (currently) with what I produce in the small front beds and the one down below.

I'm harvesting kale, swiss chard, sugar snap peas, turnip greens, leeks and garlic.  Uh, there's only two of us.

front vegetable beds
So, calls for more edibles in public landscapes are appealing, but I'm still thinking and musing about this, as I'm volunteering in one community garden and picking up eggs from another (with apologies that I don't need more greens, no matter how lovely.)

It's great to encourage folks to grow more of their own vegetables.  I've been doing this for close two decades, now, when I think about it.

Hooray for gardens of all sizes, I'm thinking, and "re-skilling" with knowledge of how to grow vegetables, too.

But perhaps what we really need is encouragement (and perhaps teaching) for folks to cook vegetables and eat them? 

I think you need to be a cook to enjoy growing vegetables, as they're so delicious straight from the garden (or from the farmer's market or community garden).

But they do require prepping, cleaning, and chopping, as well as cooking.

I'm enjoying the fresh sugar snap peas from my garden, at the moment (it's a good thing to have them because of a cool spring!)

 The nutrient levels in my beds came back high (not surprisingly); whether there are micro-nutrient issues, not examined.  So that's all good.  Now, I've replanted beans, sowed squash, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers are in place.


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