Sugar snap peas

I planted peas with no expectation that I'd harvest any.  It was a cold February this year, so it wasn't until early March.

In the South, peas (of whatever sort) are a dance in the spring, between cool temperatures and the onset of summer.  If it's cool, there are peas to harvest.  Too warm.  Not good.

I'm still adjusting to the new rhythms of a slightly cooler mountain garden (compared to my Piedmont one), but I've gardened here now for 7 seasons, first as a part-time gardener, now full-time.

Regardless, I've been really happy to be harvesting these sugar snap peas in late May.  This was the second harvest -- I'm figuring it's not too shabby for just a few trellises planted late -- what fun to have them, along with all of the greens.

And the tomatoes are growing well!

I just planted a second round of beans and squash, as the first round must have succumbed to too cool soil, thanks to an impatient gardener and a marauding critter (which turned out to be an opossum, rather than a woodchuck, we think!)


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