Monday, April 18, 2016

Perennial leeks

I've been thinking that I've been harvesting green garlic, but today, I realized, these are really perennial leeks, grown in great soil, with plenty of nutrients, and full sun all winter.

They're huge, and delicious.  I've harvested, and we've eaten plenty of young perennial leeks (they're great, too), but these were different.

About the same time that I managed to stick some garlic gloves in various spots, I also separated and transplanted perennial leeks.

These are what I've been harvesting in the lower bed.

They certainly look more like leeks than garlic, and slice up that way, too!  And I certainly didn't plant any "normal" leeks down there, just moved around the perennial ones and planted some garlic (I think).  But it's been an eventful year, and I need to revisit my blog posts to remind me of what I might have done....

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