Saturday, April 30, 2016

A developing woodland garden

The ravine forest below the house is now definitely looking like a woodland garden -- full of natives in the understory and mid-canopy now, as well as the native canopy trees (red oaks and hickories, largely, with black cherries (of course), and now black gum, tulip poplar, white oak, fraser magnolia, halesia, etc. all mixed in.

looking down towards the forest
It's a lovely view from our deck.  I'm so grateful to have this restored woodland landscape to greet me each morning, looking down the slope, not to mention the front vegetable garden, pocket meadow, and pollinator plantings in front.

We've created another garden here (we've had this house now for 8 years) -- it's a landscape that suits both of us, and we had SO much fun adding more special plants to woodland, meadow, and vegetable gardens this weekend, post plant-sales at the Botanical Garden at Asheville and the WNC Herb Festival.

Isn't that the real fun of gardening?  Creating landscapes that make us happy?

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