Golden Ragwort (Packera aurea)

Golden ragwort is a great native -- in the right place.

In the wrong place (rich soil, plenty of moisture, etc.), it's a thug. 

In the right place (dry, nutrient-poor, dappled-light), it's perfect.

Here, below our deck, and adjacent to the parking area for the apartment next door, it's been lovely this spring.  Patches (transplanted down in the woodland ravine) are equally nice.

We'll see.  Rooting it out of its former rich soil spots isn't easy!  It's a tough customer and resprouts readily from any rhizome/root fragments left behind.


  1. I have a very healthy patch of golden ragwort. It is starting to take over the bed and I would like to transplant some to another area of our property. It is a great ground cover and long spring bloomer.

  2. It's definitely one to have in a lower fertility site! But it's really easy to transplant, thankfully.


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