Biltmore view

With spring here, the transitions from winter gray to spring green are proceeding rapidly.

A lovely benefit of now being in the mountains full-time is being able to appreciate those transitions here first hand.  I saw them, of course, in the Piedmont, too, but here, with mountain views, luminous morning light, and the winds and clouds that seem to be part of the weather here, it's been a joy to be able to visit the exceptional Biltmore landscape views over multiple visits the last week or so.

Spring has been popping out everywhere there, especially in the walled garden, with tulips and the espaliered fruit trees in flower.

But this view, toward Mt. Pisgah, is one I especially enjoy.  Right now, the contrast between winter and spring is evident.

This morning, it was a treat.

view from terrace, Biltmore Estate


  1. You really live in a stunning place. I would love living in the mountains for a view. The terrace of Biltmore really takes in that view.


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