Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fish nesting sites

At Bass Pond recently, at Biltmore Estate, we saw these distinctive fish nests, complete with presumably females swishing around each circle. Remarkable.

I'd seen these sort of nests in the Hosta Garden pond years ago, at the South Carolina Botanical Garden (where I taught and worked for many years).  They were brim, there.

What sort of fish do colonial nests, and seemingly reuse them, I've not much clue.

I guess I need to consult my friend Google!  (See update below)

Fish "nesting" sites (Bass Pond, Biltmore Estate)

An follow-up note:  this post from the Lincoln Park Zoo describes the interesting nest-making and territorial behavior of male pumpkinseed, bass, and bluegills there (not to mention their parental role!)

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