Sunday, July 5, 2015

A wonderful morning walk

I've been trying to be more mindful and observant on my walks in the morning.  Not that I'm not inclined already to notice bird calls, plants in flower, neighborhood gardens, or whatever.

But it's nice to turn off the podcasts that I like to listen to, as well, and simply be present.

Sunflowers at Biltmore Estate

Meadow and clouds

Evergreens and clouds

This morning's walk, along the French Broad River, in the Biltmore Estate brought many moments of observation, from the clouds to the sunflowers and meadows.  It's an excellent out and back from Antler Hill Village around the lagoon to return ~ about an hour plus 10 minutes.

Thanks to the wealth of George Vanderbilt, and the stewardship (and business acumen) of his descendents, these viewsheds and riverfront access has been preserved and made accessible via trails for those of us who are passholders, a privileged group, too, to be sure, as well as the daily visitors.

It was a joy, under whatever circumstances, to walk in this wonderful landscape this morning.


  1. I think at some point we have all been guilty of switching on the ipod as we walk and forgetting what's around us. Too intent on the destination to enjoy the journey.

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely estate and such forethought. I do think he and Edith were probably pretty amazing.Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. ~Julie

  3. The walk and the journey are really the point, after all, I think.

    And it's such a gift to have this beautiful place preserved.


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