Sunday, January 25, 2015

Woodpeckers, wrens, and others

Our birdfeeder in the mountains is a platform feeder, which my gardening companion FILLS high with black-oil sunflower seeds each morning (which we buy in 40 lb. bags at the local feed and seed -- in this case, a Southern States store).

When we're there, it's mobbed with the usual seed feeders - tufted titmice, cardinals, and the like, as well as the occasional blue jays, doves, and house finches.

It's always a special treat when the red-bellied woodpeckers drop by, snagging seeds.  We saw several this weekend. 

A search for past posts about red-bellied woodpeckers pulled up all sorts of interesting reminders of past sightings, in addition to other thoughts.

Here's a red-bellied woodpecker we saw in 2012 outside our kitchen window.

A click on the image will take you to the post about this sighting.
The clear and loud calls of Carolina wrens are evident -- I don't think it's breeding season for them, yet, but it's coming.

The days cleared yesterday as the storm passed north and east of us, with nothing more challenging than rain and a few flakes.

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