Friday, January 9, 2015

Beyond Bariloche

Returning from the Ruta de Siete Lagos, we returned through Bariloche, and continued to head south.

The next town is El Bolson, a remarkably pleasant town with a vibrant market.

We almost missed it, in spite of guide book directions. The main highway skirts the main center of town, and evokes Patagonia of old, speckled with a few bakeries, meat shops, fruterias, and basically not looking very promising.

But we persevered, and found great views, and an interesting and eclectic market scene. It reminded us our our diverse mountain town in Western North Carolina - full of artists, creative folks, "old" hippies, as well as young South American ones.

Rio Azul from the mirador above El Bolson

Pother, I'm on the iPad and it's taking forever to sort back though the photos...





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