Saturday, June 21, 2014

Purples in the garden

fading Aquilegia petals
I've been amazed at the brilliant colors that the fading Aquilegia petals have become.  They're almost neon magenta.  A quite un-natural color, but it's still a true color!
Aquilegia, a fern, and rocks
 The corner plantings look lovely, because of them, and the robust foliage of ferns and celandine poppy.
developing Indigo Rose tomatoes
 The developing Indigo Rose tomatoes clusters look great  -- and hopefully, foretell some delicious anthocyanin-rich tomatoes...
purple-podded "soup" peas
And the purple-podded soup peas ("Blauwschokkers"--I think -- an old German/Dutch variety) has been beautiful, too.)  The fresh peas have been tasty enough, but I'm thinking that they're not worth the space in a small garden!

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