Sunday, June 15, 2014

More nature journaling and watercolor

I suppose I'm already a nature journaler, but adding sketching and watercolor is something new again, and returning to my "roots" as a nature observer, many years ago.

My scientist and observer skills serve me well, I've found, in trying to translate what I see in the natural world to paper, in the language of an artist, as my teacher, Robert Johnson, in a recent 4-day workshop described.

His work is wonderfully evocative of the natural world, extracting the essence of what he sees.  It was a great workshop and helped me build a bit more confidence in describing my observations through an artistic medium, beyond photography.

Here were a couple of the watercolor drawings that I did!

 Serviceberry fruits and leaves
native Geranium


  1. Hi!
    Greetings from Guarulhos, Brazil!
    I loved your illustrations, congratulations for your blog, it is very beautiful.

  2. Hi, greetings from Guarulhos, Brazil!
    I loved your illustrations and your blog is very beautiful.


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