Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm grateful for the rain, truly.  It's refilled our upstate SC lakes, hydrated the soil in the mountains, but...

The path past the main vegetable garden (from the kitchen door) is becoming a compacted, muddy mess with all of the rain.

We fell into the habit of using the kitchen garden/mud room door while our sweet rescue Golden, Woody, was recovering from knee surgery last fall (the 'taking the dog out' excursion...) There's just a small step down through the door verge there.

But, now he's fine, and we're continuing to use that path.

Hmm, perhaps he needs to use the steps down from the bedroom door, or out the front door, as alternative "step" exercises!


  1. It is really muddy!! Our Aussie seems to kick up more mud by just walking outside than the other dog could if he went outside twice as much.

  2. Woody keeps bringing in his footprints, too, not to mention those of my gardening clogs!

  3. Thank you for the tips on growing beets!

    My yard is muddy too and I was out cutting down a photinia bush and I made an even muddier mess out of the yard. It will nice when it dries out a bit.


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