Sunday, February 17, 2013


The downie woodpeckers have been visiting the suet feeders (note to self, put suet cakes on the grocery list).

Yes, I could make homemade suet for them, but I'm already making (homemade) bread, granola, and yogurt for us --hmm, and keeping Woody from helping himself from cooling bread on the counter!

Hmmrph.  He managed half a loaf this afternoon.

It's been great fun to watch spring coming along (and winter blasting back, too).  I was going to put onion seedlings in the ground this afternoon, in spite of suffering with a bad cold, but quickly realized that the top inch or so was still frozen.  Hmm, I guess I'll wait for both onion seedlings and dormant onions!

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  1. Happy almost-spring, Lisa! It's great to be able to picture your view of an awakening woodland garden.


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