Monday, August 27, 2012

More planting

I'm wondering how we'll eat all these greens, if the seeds I'm sowing are productive, unless the resident woodchuck in the back woodlot creeps out!  But I have barriers that I'm planning to use, too.

I spent yesterday evening turning over the beds in the satellite garden in the Piedmont, and cleaning out the Oxalis that had colonized my containers, and sowed more lettuce, spinach, turnips, chard, and kale late this afternoon.

Maybe the edges of Isaac will water them in for me; otherwise, I'll get them nicely settled in tomorrow.


  1. Yes, hooping for some water from Isaac. What do you think the chances are?
    Just read my current issue of SC Wildlife, nice article on Tim.

  2. No shortage of rain over here. Time to think about planting out overwintering spinach, chard, purple sprouting broccoli and garlic.
    But first must reclaim beds.


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