Friday, August 31, 2012

Harvesting vegetables

It's amazing how small gardens can be productive.  I feel like I don't have very much space in my raised beds in the mountains, but coming back for the weekend, I harvested LOTS of beans, ripe peppers, and squash.  This after harvesting everything last weekend, including all the small beans and squash. The tromboncino and Tatume squash and the remainder of the tomatillos and tomatoes will be edited this weekend -- the squash leaves are suffering from mildew. I'm going to leave the butternut squash to mature -- that's fun. Never had any of those before!

All of the cool-season fall greens and root crops that I sowed earlier are looking great, and popping up much faster than they do in the low soil and air temperatures of spring.  The beds were dry, but I gave them a good soaking this afternoon.

I just finished 'putting up' everything that I harvested last week yesterday evening.  So there's a second round waiting for me, too.  At least the tomatoes are largely finished!

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