Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring in the mountains

It's still early yet, in the Southern Appalachian mountains. But evidence of spring is everywhere, from the flowering daffodils to our native empheral wildflowers to the red maple fruits.

It was a long winter here in the mountains, too, and local (Asheville, NC) columnists have remarked on it.

Curiously, areas normally blasted by hard winters (the midwest) haven't been so bad this year. My friend Corrie says that it hasn't been so harsh this winter in Madison, WS -- I'm glad for them!

The northeastern states, however, had plenty of snow and late winter storms, not to mention the colder temperatures for the southeastern U.S.

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  1. Our garden has been very quiet so far this year. We usually have spawn (and the associated splashing and croaking!) around the 22 March (my dad's birthday) but only one mating pair of frogs seen. This follows a general decline in our garden frog population that has coincided with us enclosing the garden and messing about with the ponds. I wonder whether my pet bantams have a guilty secret or two too? This year I have broken all the rules and imported spawn in the hope that we can rebuild our frog community.
    Enjoy spring!


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