Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Mourning Cloak sighting

On the warmest day of late winter so far, I saw two butterflies. One was orange, and I didn't get a good look at it.

The other was a mourning cloak, one of our few butterflies that overwinter as adults, emerging on warm days like this one.

This is an image of a pinned Mourning Cloak from MonarchWatch, an excellent organization that monitors monarch migrations and abundance.

The overwintering adults mate in spring, on warm afternoons like this one.

Some great photos and more information about butterflies are on Randy Emmitt's site -- here's a link to the mourning cloak page, but check out his other photos while you're there.


  1. Oh my word, what a gorgeous butterfly! Spectacular colour -- I hope it sticks around!

  2. I saw a Mourning Cloak in Durham, NC on Monday as well. I have wonderful live photos of this butterfly at my website.

  3. Randy - I should have thought of your photos! I'll add a link. Lisa

  4. That's so exciting! I have never seen a mourning cloak in person but I learned about them when working on Kansas Critters: Bugs with my elementary art students. (www.gpnc.org/critters.htm)

  5. Beautiful~What a treat for you Lisa!


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