Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fall vegetable gardening and seeds

I have a lot of seeds already. Really. This is just one very small bit of my overall collection.

I determinedly tried to give away as many as I could in programs and events last spring, but of course, this just allowed me freedom to order more.

I actually was dog-earing pages in my Territorial Seeds 'winter' catalog yesterday. Hmmm. And my friend CEN gave me a bunch when she moved to a (much) colder climate, so really, I don't need many more for this fall season.

But the allure of another perfect winter lettuce variety, tender collard cultivar, a delicious young spinach, and maybe even a tasty beet or two is certainly alluring, especially when woodchucks are eating the squash in the satellite garden, and they're suffering from powdery mildew, in any case.

And what about the kitchen garden next to the Discovery Center (the visitor center for the botanical garden where I work) and the participants in fall vegetable gardening programs, and the folks with donated Earth Boxes through our Upstate Locavores network program. All will need fall vegetable seeds. Or so I'm thinking. It's a good thing that seeds are a wonderfully inexpensive indulgence.


  1. Nice blog! I wish I had a green thumb like you- I just started becoming a mini gardener :)

  2. Having a 'green thumb' just requires practice and learning! Have fun..


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