Thursday, July 2, 2009

An excellent garlic harvest

This is a lot more garlic than it appears!

I brought in the garlic that's been drying in the garden shed this evening. It may be overly 'cured' but it's a great harvest nonetheless. I notice that I thought it was overly dried last year too, and it stored beautifully, so it may be just right! Last year's garlic lasted through January or so, and this looks like enough to get even garlic lovers like ourselves through many delicious meals.

A side note: it was fun to search for garlic references on older posts! We do really enjoy our garlic. I need to create a menu of posts on the sidebar (but, hmm, that does sound a bit like some work), and it's summer, after all.

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  1. Garlic doesn't always like our conditions and sometimes looks poor when harvested. But we have found, as you have, that curing the garlic for a long period in the greenhouse improves keeping quality. With luck, ours will last us for most of the year.


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