Monday, December 29, 2008

Late December

Arriving home, we were surprised at how mild the weather was, definitely warmer than Italy. A clear blue sky, with well-dampened earth (a good thing), greeted a morning check of the garden.

Everything is in winter mode now, with deciduous leaves fallen. The garlic is up, as are fava beans, planted in a last minute experiment. The parsley is still green, and the collards look fine. I spent some time reviewing seed catalogs this morning- what fun.

We received a giant load of leaves today, thanks to the city's vacuum trunk, an excellent addition for winter mulching. My gardening companion had called before we left, but flagged the driver down this morning.


  1. I just finished reading all of your posts from Rome. Oh my. Such gorgeous pictures you've taken! Your posts were fascinating. My husband often has to travel for business, but is so busy speaking at conferences and universities that he never gets to see much of the areas he visits.


  2. Thanks for the nice words about the photos - my husband generally takes the pictures while we travel together!

    We always have great experiences traveling, even on more arduous trips (Italy was definitely more relaxing than many) and feel fortunate that we're able to go. I usually create web galleries for places that we've been, too, although currently I'm a bit behind (sigh...)



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