Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain gardens and mushrooms

After the downpours associated with Tropical Storm Fay, interesting mushrooms (in all shapes and sizes) appeared here locally.

Up in the mountains this weekend, I saw even more. It's so remarkable to consider that most of a fungus is below ground; what we see is the reproductive structure, whether it's a 'mushroom' or one of the others.

I also saw some great rain garden plantings -- this Joe Pye relative is glorious next to a parking lot.


  1. Your story on rain gardens showed up in Google News today. Looks like a lovely garden, beautiful photo of that mushroom.

    I am just about to publish a Rain Garden poster for NW US.

    Learning a lot about native plants to put in where, and how to set rain gardens up so they last. After years of paving over our wetlands and estuaries in urban areas, time to rip out some concrete and grow some "green sponge" back.

    Keep up the good work.

    best fishes,


  2. That's a groovy mushroom! I love it!


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